Too good to be kept quiet

Refined circuitry and cutting-edge technology ensure that the SV150 delivers an extraordinarily natural violin tone while state-of-the-art digital technology gives you a selection of 24 top-quality effects as well as a built-in precision tuner, metronome, and digital audio playback capability.


Ideal Violin Weight with Separate Control Box

The SV150 takes Silent Violin playability into the acoustic violin league with an unprecedented light weight of only 490 grams, which is right in the acoustic violin weight range. Acoustic violin players will feel right at home with the SV150, and switching back and forth between instruments will be smooth and effortless. The instrument connects to the separate control box via a thin, flexible cable.


24 Stunning Effects for Unprecedented Performance Potential

In addition to a number of top-quality ambience effects that simulate the acoustics of various types of halls, the SV150 offers a dazzling array of reverb-plus-delay, modulation, auto-pan, auto-wah, distortion, and other effects. Ranging from subtle to wild, the 24 effects provided can add a new dimension to a wide range of music styles.


Natural Violin Tone

Great tone is the primary goal of any musical instrument, and in that respect the SV150 excels. It features redesigned and refined circuitry that delivers true-to-life violin tone that will contribute to inspired practice and performance.


Built-in Tuner and Metronome Facilitate Practice Anywhere

Little accessories like tuners and metronomes can add to the clutter in your bag, or worse: you could forget them altogether! With the SV150 you have a precision tuner and metronome built right in and ready for use wherever you are, at any time.


Integrated Digital Audio Player Provides New Play-along Convenience and Listening Enjoyment

SD memory cards containing MP3, AAC, WAV, or MIDI music files can be plugged right into the SV150 control box and played without the need for any further external equipment. Play along with your favorite artists or compositions, or simply enjoy listening to good music with the excellent sound quality this integrated player provides.


Headphones and Line Out Jacks

In addition to a headphone jack and supplied earphone for private practice, the SV150 has a line out jack that can be directly connected to an external sound system for amplified performance. Output is stereo, delivering the full impact of the internal effects.


Use Your Favorite Shoulder Rest

Maximum playing comfort and familiarity is further guaranteed by the fact that the SV150 accommodates most standard shoulder rests.


Dimensions Width 195mm
Height 587mm
Depth 110mm
Weight Weight 650g (1 lbs. 7 oz)


Size 4/4
Body Spruce
Side/Frame Plastic
Neck Maple
Finger Board Ebony


Bridge Maple (Aubert)
Tuning Pegs Ebony & Rosin Hybrid
Tailpiece Plastic
Chin Rest Plastic
Strings Kessler steel core (Japanese)
Fine Tuner 1 (E-string)

Design/Architecture Detail

Pick Up System Piezo Pickup


Master Volume Yes
Reverb Room / Hall 1 / Hall 2

Storage and Connectivity

Connectivity AUX IN Yes

Power Supply

Power Supply AA size 1.5V battery 2pcs. or AC adapter (optional)
Battery Life Manganese: approx. 4 to 20 hrs. Alkaline: approx. 12 to
60 hrs.


Battery AA size 1.5V battery 2pcs.
Bow Yes
Case Hard Case
Earphone Yes
Rosin Yes
Shoulder Rest Yes
Cable Audio Cable