The One To Beat

This pinnacle of electronic drumming technology is fully equipped with DTX-PAD drum pads, next-generation electronic drum pads that Yamaha has designed specifically for drummers. It also boasts the HEX RACK, a genuine rack made by a dedicated drum hardware manufacturer.


DTX-PAD – a next-generation electronic drum pad.

Yamaha has been a proud and dedicated designer of acoustic drums for many years, and that’s why Yamaha knows what it means for drums to feel good and to work just right in performances. In its relentless pursuit of drumming perfection, Yamaha has channeled all of its experience into the creation of a new generation of electronic drum pads. Yamaha sought the help of the world’s top drummers, reflecting their detailed sense of perfection to give form to the drummer’s ideal. The result of this quest for perfection is the DTX-PAD. – DTX-PAD achieves an exquisite feel that satisfies even the world’s top drummers. – The surface of the DTX-PAD, features a “Textured Cellular Silicone Head”, made using unique molding technologies developed by Yamaha. – It has the different stick response for the snare and toms to provide the natural feeling when you use the pads in a drum set. – It has achieved such a high level playability that top drummers who are used to playing on acoustic drums are able to play on them naturally. – The sensitivity of it has dramatically increased by employing a floating design. – It achieves a totally different level than current electronic drum pads in terms of quietness. – The durability of it is proven by Yamaha’s numerous severe tests. The DTX-PAD, a next-generation electronic drum pad that is recognized by the world’s top drummers, is the one to beat in the electronic drum pads.


A versatile yet compact kit that contains the RS130

– An extravagant arrangement of three toms, three cymbals, a snare, hi-hat, and kick. There is one 12-inch snare drum, three 10-inch toms.


The High-Quality Tone Generator and Superb Operability of the DTX900.

In addition to a collection of essential Yamaha acoustic drum sounds, the DTX900 also features a broad spectrum of voices taken from the world renowned MOTIF series synthesizers for a grand total of 1326 voices. Even on a live stage, these subtle yet dynamic voices bring forth a compelling presence. – The XA (Expanded Articulation) System, which creates subtly different samples even when you strike the drum with the same strength, can create more natural snare rolls and re-create the feel of a legato ride cymbal or staccato hi-hat. – Equipped with rich and powerful DSP effects. In addition to reverb and chorus effects that can be used commonly throughout the whole system, there are variation effects that can be used on each drum kit to bring out the perfect sound which you need. – Internal recordings of 87 songs from a wide variety of genres. You can mute the drum part and play along with a song, and you can also record your own performance. – Equipped with a chain function that enables you to program drum kits freely in any order that you please. Even during a live performance, you can switch to another drum kit easily just by hitting a pad.


Realistic Cymbals and Durable Kick Pads

Uses the vertically mobile RHH135 hi-hat pad. This pad is incredibly quiet, and its pedal has a natural feel. You can control different sounds with the pad and edge areas, and foot splashing is supported. The HS740A hi-hat stand is included. – There are two cymbal pads, the 15-inch PCY155 and the 13-inch PCY135. They both have three zones, the pad, edge, and cup. Each zone produces a different sound. Because sticks bounce and vibrate on these pads in almost the exact same way that they do on real cymbals, you’ll get that same feeling that you do playing on an acoustic drum set. Also, you can choke the cymbal pads by grabbing their edges after you hit them. – Uses the KP125W kick pads, which guarantee stable play even when you are using double foot pedals. A protective sheet that covers the entire drum head makes each kick pad powerfully durable.


Add Original Sounds through Sampling

Equipped with an AUX IN/SAMPLING IN connector. You can connect it to an external sound source or use a microphone and sample your own voice. – You can load original voices from USB flash memory and assign them to different pads.


Customization Enables You to Create Your Ideal Drum Sound

The possibilities are limitless. You can arrange the versatile drum kit as you please to create your own original drum set. You can switch to different snare or cymbal sounds, add a cowbell sound, etc., and you can save your settings.


Versatile Trigger Features

Equipped with a stacking feature, which plays multiple drum voices when you hit a pad, and an alternation feature, which changes the voice each time you hit a pad. By combining these features, you can perform in ways that would be impossible with an acoustic drum set.


Rich Training Features for Improving Your Performance Skills

Equipped with a metronome feature that enables you to set precise types of clicks for different types of notes. You can change the locations of the click accents. – Equipped with a groove check function, which checks the accuracy of your timing and tells you how off-rhythm you are, and a rhythm gate function, in which the drum only produces sound for accurate shots. You can train for practice as if you were playing a game. – Also equipped with an AUX IN connector. You can connect a CD player, portable MP3 player, or other device and practice using any song you like.


Can Be Connected to PCs and Other Devices

Equipped with MIDI and USB connectors. Not only can you play sounds from an external sound source and use the high-quality sound of the DTX900 as a high-quality sound source, you can also add power to your music creation by using DAW software to create a MIDI recording of your own performance. In addition, Steinberg Cubase AI 5 is included. You can use it to change the tempo, timing, tone, etc., of the performances that you make MIDI recordings of. – By using HALion One and third-party VST plugins, you can use not just drum sounds, but other sounds that are not included in the DTX900. – You can use the DTX900 panel switches to control Cubase AI 5. This allows for faster music creation.* – You can use the six INDIVIDUAL OUT connectors to send the snare, tom, and other drum sounds to the mixer individually. You can record to a multi-track record easily without using the complicated miking that you would need to record from an acoustic drum set. Also, you can use the DIGITAL OUT (S/P DIF) connector to send digital quality sound from the DTX900 to an external device. *You need to download an extension from this website.


Trigger Module DTX900
Rack System HXR4LD
Pad Set DTP900 (PAD SET) includes: – PCY135 (3 zone cymbal pad) x 2 –
PCY155 (3 zone cymbal pad) x 1 – RHH135 (2 zone Hi-Hat pad) x 1 –
KP125W – CH750 x 2 – SS662 DTP902 (PAD SET) includes: – XP120SDx 1 –
XP120Tx 2 – XP100Tx 2 – CH755x 1 – HS740Ax 1

Size/Weight (Trigger Module)

Dimensions Width 334mm
Height 96mm
Depth 285mm
Weight Weight 3.6kg


Samples 1,016 (for the User Voices)
Sampling Source Audio input signals via AUX IN/SAMPLING IN, Audio output signals
via OUTPUT (Resample)
Sample Data Bits 16bit
Sampling Memory Optionally installed, expandable to 512 MB (256 MB DIMM x 2
slots) * DIMMs are not installed to the instrument when shipped from
the factory.
Sample Length Mono: 32MB Stereo: 64MB
Sampling Time 44.1kHz: 6 min. 20 sec. 22.05kHz: 12 min. 40 sec. 11.025kHz: 25
min. 20 sec. 5.5125kHz: 55 min. 40 sec. *Mono/Stereo
Digital Sampling
44.1kHz, 22.05 kHz, 11.025 kHz, 5.5125 kHz (stereo/mono)
Sampling Format DTX900 Original format, WAV, AIFF

Tone generator

Tone Generator AWM2
Maximum Polyphony 64 notes
Wave 205MB (when converted to 16-bit linear format)
Voices Preset: 1,115 drum voices, 211 melody voices (GM)
Effects Reverb 9 types Chorus 19 types Variation 51 types (Drum Kit)
Insertion 51 types (AUX IN/SAMPLING IN) Master Effect 9 types Master
EQ 5 bands
Drum kits Preset: 50 kits User: 50 kits (in the Flash ROM) External: 1584
kits (or 99 x 16, in the external USB storage device)


Trigger Setup Preset: 9 User: 5
Pad songs play, chase, cutoff 4 songs (max.) can be played simultaneously.


Note Capacity Approx. 152,000 notes
Note Resolution 480 ppq (parts per quarter note)
Song recording type Real time
Song tracks 2 tracks
Songs Demo: 3 songs Practice: 44 songs Pad song: 40 songs User: 50
Sequence formats DTX900 Original Format, SMF format 0


Tempo 30 – 300 , Tap tempo
Beat 1/4 – 16/4, 1/8 – 16/8, 1/16 – 16/16
Timing Accent, Quarter note, Eighth note, Sixteenth note, Triplet
Click Voices Preset: 8 User: 1
Training Functions Measure break, Groove check, Rhythm gate


CYMBAL, HI-HAT, MISC. – Data dial
Display 240 x 64 dot graphic backlit LCD, 7-segment LED (3-digit)
(standard phone jack) – DIGITAL OUT (EIAJ CP1201, IEC60958, S/P DIF)
– INDIVIDUAL OUTPUT 1 – 6 (standard phone jack) – Trigger Input
jacks 1 – 9, 12 – 15 (Standard stereo phone jack, L: Trigger Signal,
R: Rim Switch) – Trigger Input jacks 10 and 11 (Standard stereo
phone jack, L: Trigger Signal, R: Trigger Signal) – AUX IN/SAMPLING
IN (Standard stereo phone jack) – PHONES (Standard stereo phone
jack) – HI-HAT CONTROL (Standard stereo phone jack) – DC IN 16V
Power Consumption 18W